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PLEASE take a few moments to read lots of info. below on this page for updates on what I am doing with my handcrafted jewelry!
 I am currently moving all items from this site (so items are being removed from this site as quickly as I am able to re-photo and transfer all. All sets, single women's and men's necklace, bracelets and beaded watches have already been removed from this site and posted on my Artfire site) as well as listing all newly made jewelry on my Artfire site below and on my Facebook page. Please go to both of those sites to see my newest handcrafted jewelry and be sure to "like" me on facebook to receive notifications of specials, etc. 

                                Eileen Hanks Designs on Facebook

        This site will be closing before Christmas 2016 to make way for a new & improved site, in the meantime all remaining items that are still available, may be purchased through this site or by contacting me on Facebook or my Artfire site.

So pleased to have taken the 2013 1st place blue ribbon once again!  That makes the 4th year in a row for my jewelry entry in the Western 
                         South Carolina State Fair!  Such an honor!! 
*        I am very pleased  to share my newest website where my                            handcrafted  jewelry can be found. I will offer different items here and there,
  so please be sure to keep an eye on both. Now also find my jewelry at      (there is a link here, so just click on the link below or copy and paste it or go to Artfire.com and search for EileenHanksDesigns (all as one word).

Each of my jewelry items now comes to you with my personalized autographed logo
   printed artist bio card. Handwritten info. of the types of gems, stones, beads, etc. that I used in that piece.  Thank you all for buying from me, a self-employed American
* I am very proud to have been a supporter and sponser for the Scrap Pink event that
     was held 9/26/09 in Lousiana.  Thank You for that opportunity to help make a difference!
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 There are many jewelry shopping choices out there, so I cherish the fact that you've chosen to spend a bit of your valuable time visiting my site. Yes, there is a lot to read, if you are interested in doing so. I know 
that for many buyers, getting to know the artist they are buying from is of importance. Therefore please see the "about me" page if you'd like to
                                            know more "about me"!
 I hope to work with you soon on your handcrafted jewelry needs and desires!    I specialize in uniquely beautiful yet very wearable items. I generally make the highly unusual, out-of-the-norm items as custom
                                                   orders exclusively.
When you purchase
from an SRAJD -
seller, you are buying
directly from and
supporting the artist.
             YES, SPECIAL ORDERS DO KEEP ME GOING..........
    .....however, new website items are being added as quickly as possible! 
  A more diversified range of price points will be available along with the
  added variety of designs. As I have time to add items here; in addition  
  to designing & making the jewelry, which is the part I really love to do.  
                     Lots planned and upcoming soon!
~ I have made a special line of South Carolina items. 
Then maybe other states will then follow! We'll see~ 
                (listing now)
~ Everything old is new again. Using genuine vintage 
~ Beautiful Chinese pottery shard pendants.
~ Extensive line of mens necklaces coming soon!
~ The Upscale Hunter - jewelry line for the
                           outdoors/hunter woman.
 As I continue making and adding a larger and more diverse selection of my items to my Artfire shop and eventually to a brand new personal site, I hope you will be able to find everything that you desire in the way of unique one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry, if not, please contact me as I welcome custom work.
   I depend highly on word of mouth advertizing and appreciate any comments or suggestions and may add yours to my testimonial page! Please email me yours, and it
                                           may be the next one I add.
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With so many designs and offerings to choose from,  I'm confident you'll be happy buying from me and working with me for your custom needs. I invite you to look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to use the "contact me" tab to ask your question, etc.
Thanks again for stopping in to see what I'm up to and I hope to "see" you here again soon! 
Please do check back often, as new items will be being added frequently. 
There's much more to come!
When you are finished visiting today, I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a minute to help me improve my site and  product offerings by taking a very brief survey at:  http://eileenhanksdesigns.questionpro.com/
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