EILEEN HANKS DESIGNS - jewelry artist
        A Little About myself
            and my products:                    
Hello, I am Eileen Hanks, a South Carolina jewelry designer and artist with nearly 40 years experience designing and making handcrafted and beaded jewelry.  Most of my items are one-of-kind, therefore you are guaranteed a very special item that you won't just see everywhere else.  I very rarely duplicate a design, unless there is a special request to do so or multiples are needed for a specific purpose (ie: wedding parties, theater/dance performers,  a special pre-planned promotion or sale, etc.).  I generally just don't have enough of the same beads and elements to make a piece more than once or twice. If you do see a sold item listed that you would like, please feel free to contact me to see if I have enough of the same elements to make another. Often times I'll leave a sold item posted, if I do have enough materials to duplicate it.
I frequently use nature inspired items in many of my designs with elements ranging from handcrafted lamp work glass, genuine gemstones of all sorts, geodes, Swarovski crystals, new handcrafted pottery, broken vintage pottery, sea glass, shells, wood, nuts & seeds, antler & bone beads and focals, lava rock, etc. These things, along with other interesting elements I find are used to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, watches, eyeglass chains, badge holders, etc.
Recently, I have been blessed to find some incredible elements to use in some of my designs. Items that have been made by various artists friends around the USA who focus their talents on making great lamp work beads, beautiful pottery items, dichroic glass elements, etc. I have discovered some wonderfully unique elements to incorporate into some of my creations; things that come from all over the planet,  often in very remote areas.  My style is quite eclectic and I've chosen to not "lock" myself into a particular style, which keeps it fun and interesting for both myself as a designer and for my wonderful customers. It's always a surprise what you may find me working with next or what style jewelry I might be working on at any given time!  You just need to come visit often and see what's next~~ 
My focus is on making attractive yet very wearable and_practical 
high quality jewelry from gorgeous beads and unique elements.
(I don't strive to be outlandish in my designs, except by special orders only )
By providing excellent service and customer satisfaction - I do strive  to do everything I can, to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations, and gain your repeat business.
**Just contact me if you wish to buy something and want to mail a check or money order rather than using the paypal link. This is no problem.
                              Background & Current Life
I began by making simple wire and bead earrings when I was in high school, and only 15 years old (my genuine hippie days, if truth be told!). I was living in Cincinnati, Ohio and I sold most of my jewelry to friends at school and at various Ohio & Kentucky craft shows. It was then that I discovered I had a real passion for anything jewelry; especially in designing and making it myself. I had won 3rd place in an Ohio state business competition when I was  just 18, for a comprehensive manual on the history and industry of jewelry. Fast forward to the present where some of my most recent pieces have been awarded 1st and 2nd place awards in our state fairs over the past several years and been purchased/worn by some prominent area folks, etc. For me, it has truly been a lifetime connection between
                                       handcrafted jewelry & myself!
Since I have always been drawn to unique handcrafted jewelry made by many artists in my lifetime, I have found some incredible pieces over the years and added them to my personal collection. I have also collected beads and various elements for use in my own designs for almost 35 years! I'm always on the lookout for that perfect new, handmade or even vintage "thing" to make into that perfect new piece
                                    of jewelry for someone special!
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Years ago in Cincinnati, I owned several independent gift shops. Jewelry, of course, being a mainstay in my inventories, I made a great deal of it myself, as well as having some marvelous items by other artist friends at that time. 
In 1992, I relocated to South Carolina. Now that both my sons are adults, I am happy to be rekindling my passion as a jewelry artist & I enjoy time now spent in my jewelry studio/craft nook. 
 I am truly thankful to God for all He has blessed me with and due to some health issues which prevent me from doing craft shows any longer, I am grateful for the internet now as it affords me the incredible opportunity to show and sell my work all over the world, while remaining right here at home and in my jewelry studio!
                        My Personal Business Philosophy
My philosophy is based on my belief that my customers' needs are of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.
I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you some wonderfully unique jewelry and some of the best service in the industry.

        We love animals and all our great pets are rescues!         
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