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                                         Pins & Broaches
The following pins and any antler jewelry I offer is made using genuine deer antler (harvested by my  friends for food purposes, my jewelry is a by product of deer having antlers).
Deer Palm
Antler section trimmed in gold color with handmade and painted ceramic palm tree focal bead and cloisonne and glass accents.
Very pretty in pinks & greens. 2 1/2" wide
$18.   (signed and dated on back)
                          Deer Bannana - Antler slice with a great shape and edges.
Three antler tips and banana yellow glass beads. 
I can't decide if I'm thinking deer or bananas.
Maybe deer eating bananas! 1 1/2" wide
$18.   (signed and dated on back)
Deer American Indian - Antler section trimmed in gold color with large antler
slice drop. The very unique and rare rainbow aztec eagle is a beautiful vintage copper enamel element that I found in the remaining bits of stock from one of my Cincinnati gift shops back in 1975! Burgundy colored coils span between the base piece and the dangle part.
$20.   (signed and dated on back)
Deer Miss Lace - Antler slice backed with brass filligree piece. Dime size pink with floweres clossione bead focak with glass accents. 2 1/2" diameter
$18.   (signed and dated on back)
Deer Tippy Leaves - Curvy antler tip with pressed green glass leaves and rose colored hearts. Fun twisted wire and a beautiful lampwork bead on the center dangle. 2"
$20.   (signed and dated on back)
Deer Lumpy Butterflys
Textured, lumpy, bumpy curvy antler section with pretty little brass butterfly beads on side dangles. Antler slice and twisted wire accent from center dangle. 2 1/2" 
$18.  (signed and dated on back)
Deer Rosey Porcelain
Antler slice with 3D silver rose mounted in center. Bali silver connector bead to dangle of vintage broken china piece. 1 1/2" wide


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